Sizing and Design
We size and design energy solutions that suit your energy needs whether commercial or residential for value at all times.
We design all kinds of solar systems.
With our Stand-alone design we take you completely off the national grid. The power for generation and consumption is now in your hands. Good solution for areas off the Grid. No more electrical bills to the nation’s energy provider.
The gridtied home solar system is one that remains connected to the electrical grid. Such a system generates power for the home and it feeds any excess power it generates into the grid. Though energy supply is from solar, extra energy needed to complete consumption is derived from the grid thus, your source of energy generation becomes two; the solar and grid.
This system is not a stand-alone solar system. The solar becomes the primary and main source of energy generation. The second resort is the batteries and third, the grid. With this system, the grid serves as the last resort for energy generation.