BSTARS POWER SOLUTIONS is a registered company in Ghana, a provider of Energy management, Renewable energy and Power backup solutions. We deal with the sales and installations of Renewable Energy (On-grid and Off-grid) and Power backup products (Solar PV panels, Inverters, Batteries, charge controllers, UPS, AVR and Stabilizers). These services and devices help reduce the consumption of electricity and provide a constant reliable power for use all the time with our unique renewable energy design packages. Since energy represents an important and growing-proportion of operating costs for many institutions as well as individuals, therefore, changes in energy consumption or price will have a significant impact on the operating cost of the institution and individual. We have therefore identified solutions that would help realize substantial savings, improve efficiency, stable power and profitability. Beyond improved efficiency and reducing cost, Companies, Organizations and Individuals are predicted to enjoy reduced maintenance and downtime from electrical equipment and significant boosts to public and customer perception.

We are ready to offer deep solutions on Solar PV, Inverter Solution backup, UPS system. Our goal is for you to get satisfaction in your energy usage through expert energy management service.


There is no doubt that humanity must face climate change on many fronts. Many governments, organizations, companies and individuals are trying to decelerate and potentially even reverse the process of global warming that is threatening the world as we know it today. These pioneers are looking to emerging green technologies, practices, and social transformation in order to succeed in the battle against climate change.

BStars Power Solutions aims to contribute to this battle, through the promotion of solar energy. We believe that with the need for change, humanity will surface stronger and more resourceful in the future. We envisions that the world will one day predominantly use renewable energy sources, breaking the chains of our addiction to fossil fuels and changing our destructive habits in energy and resource consumption.


BStars Power Solutions mission is “to promote Renewable energy and implement solar technologies across Africa”. The company has a results-oriented approach for all of our clients and partners, which is why we aim for the realization of PV Solutions for the most efficient and optimal approach. 

Values & Code of Ethics

The need for change in the energy industry is coupled with the need for change in business practices and social responsibility. That is why BStars Power Solutions’ values and code of ethics follow a “Clean Energy promoted by Clean Business practices” approach. BStars Power’s business customs and processes must promote honesty, integrity, transparency and loyalty to our partners and society, in the utmost professional and efficient manner. The company also aims to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization, implementing green practices to make our staff feel loyal and proud of being part of the BStars Power team, while we help bring about real changes to human lives and to society.